Gene Turonis has been my plumber for the last 25 years – through 3 houses 2 condos 3 completely new bathrooms, a new kitchen, a few water heaters a new oil furnace and a bunch of midnight emergencies. Gene has always been professional, honest, prompt and on time, fair, accurate and knowledgeable (especially of vintage plumbing in old houses.) In review of all the work he did for me – everything he did worked and didn’t fail! Gene is batting 100% for me. Gene’s prices have always been fair and accurate – a bargin when you consider his skill and professional demenor. The best thing is Gene always does his work with great wit and a smile and occasionally a SONG! I give my highest recommendation!!!

- Roger Johansen

“Who thought Plumbing could be fun? I’ve been doing business with Gene for over 20 years and it’s been an exceptional service since day one.”

- Chris Onieal – Onieal’s Restaurants

“Gene Turonis has provided professional service in our high end residential projects. His insight has proven to be an asset in designing sophisticated plumbing systems integral to our homes.”

- Juan Rodriguez, Project Architect – Nastasi Architects

“Of course, Gene is one of the best plumbers in New Jersey and New York. Although that is an excellent description of what he does, he offers much more than that. In a town like Hoboken with its flooding issues and its turn-of-the-century old houses, he is a creative plumbing problem-solver offering workable solutions to often difficult problems.

He is really smart in general but a genius when it comes to plumbing. Gene is also honest, trustworthy, responsible, and dedicated to his clients. And, for the cherry on top, he is fun to be around. I couldn’t endorse him more. On a scale of 0-100, he and his company which includes his talented son, Bo, are a 110!”

- Florence Pape – Homeowner, Hoboken

“I first reached out to Gene about 15 years ago to cure steam heating woes in a 1903 school building. Steam pipes need to be as science dictates or banging will be louder than any teaching voice. Gene corrected many neglected conditions in the heating system and it is still quietly and more efficiently serving the school.

Gene and his crew also installed a remarkably complicated heating system in my home and the reset or needs service lights have never gone on. Gene has long been an active participant in the Hoboken Community. At many fund raising events, Gene and the Plumbers provide their fine western swing music. Gene also books bands for the Church Square summer music series, a long tradition in Hoboken. And maybe most importantly and most telling, when Sandy knocked out power at the Hoboken Shelter (where I help out), I ran into Gene that night near the Shelter and asked him where we can get gas to keep the generator running through the night. Gene took gas from his van to keep the generator running and the lights on.”

Hoboken has long benefited from Genes plumbing skills and from his many contributions that he has made to the Hoboken community.

- Aaron Lewit, LEED – Hoboken, NJ

“Gene has been dealing with the plumbing in my nearly 150 year old brownstone for 20 years. In an emergency he always arrives quickly to deal with the tangle of pipes. He uses his analytical skills to find the leaks and then applies his problem solving abilities to repair them. He is dependable, practical, creative and cost conscious with both repairs and new projects. I hope he continues to work for a long, long time.”

- Elaine Foster - Jersey City, NJ

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