About Gene

Gene The Plumber started working for home owners in Hoboken in the 1980’s, when all the housing stock was old. He learned the tricks of adapting new to old, and very old, plumbing. Now most of the buildings have been renovated or built new, so the connections are simpler. Our goal however, remains the same today:installing and maintaining the systems that keep you comfortable and sanitary, with reliable service and one-to-one customer relationships.

The scope of our work is complete residential and light commercial plumbing, from the street water mains and city sewer to the vents on the roof, as well as hot water heating systems from 50,000 up to 1,000,000 BTUs. We have become specialists in High efficiency boilers for heating, with an in floor radiant application.
We pride ourselves on being experienced problem solvers for difficult plumbing situations, all while keeping you cozy with a 95 percent efficient heating system.

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